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Quran - The Pure Word Of God

Quran - The Pure Word Of God

Is the Quran the true word of God? Was it made up by Prophet Muhammad? These have been controversial questions and factors of debate between Muslims and non-Muslims. To answer this question, we must get back to the history of Prophet Muhammad and Islam. We must have a look at what the Quran says, and see if this is really the word of God or it was made up by Prophet Muhammad.

Let's take into consideration it. If Prophet Muhammad really made up the Quran to advertise himself, he would have used it for his own benefit. But cure in the quran some cases, it occurred that the Quran comes with what's towards the opinion of Prophet Muhammad, and sometimes the revelation comes too late to evaluate a extreme drawback within the Islamic society to test the Muslims although it may have come from day one and finish the case.

If somebody came and cost an important king's wife with adultery, then some individuals began to consider this man and began to speak about that. This king has the media with him and can simply say that this man is a liar and knows that people shall believe the king's media. Shall the king who loves his wife more than anybody else use the media and say that this man is a liar? This happened with Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad spent a month suffering till the Quran was sent down from God and stated that this man was a liar. If Prophet Muhammad was the one who made up the Quran, he would have made up some verses from day one telling that this man is a liar. He will not have spent one month in torture and agony if he really had the instrument to finish this up.

Not solely that, but Abu Bakr the father of the Prophet's wife Aisha used to help a kind of who talked about Aisha. When the Quran have shown that Aisha is harmless, Abu Bakr swore that he shall by no means help him any more. The Quran ordered Abu Bakr to forgive him in order that God forgives Abu Bakr. If Prophet Muhammad was the one who made up the Quran, would he forgive that man simply? I don't think so.

The Quran talks about the stories of the prophets of God from Adam to Jesus. It gives legislations in several features of life from politics to economic system to social affairs to heritage laws which are actually miraculous as the Quran covers all the heritage problems in solely four verses. Not only that, but some scientific details not too long ago discovered were really written within the Quran 1400 years ago.

Prophet Muhammad was by no means involved with poetry. He never wrote a book as he was illiterate. He was by no means concerned with the beliefs of Jews and Christians. He was properly-recognized by his honesty and good morals that each one his tribe used to call him the truthful and the honest. Then instantly when he is forty years old he comes with highly rhetorical verses that astonished Arabs who have been properly-identified by having high rhetorical sense. Isn't that worth pondering? The Quran even challenges Arabs and all individuals afterwards to write a chapter like a chapter in the Quran. This problem hasn't been met for 1400 years.

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